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Collaborate Effortlessly in PowerPoint.

Simple and secure.

LiveLoop is a easy-to-use PowerPoint plugin, not a separate program. Collaborate effortlessly without changing the way you work.

One version, real-time.

Instead of wondering what your colleagues are working on, you'll see each other's changes in real-time, keystroke by keystroke.

Stop endless drafts.

Tired of filenames like v133_​Final_​ReallyFinal_​v2.pptx? LiveLoop ends version control headaches; never email another presentation draft.

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Though PowerPoint was created way back in 1990, there's never been a way to collaborate on building a PowerPoint presentation in real-time. Until now. LiveLoop is the only software which lets everyone on your team work on the same PowerPoint presentation at the same time no matter where they're located. Everyone you've invited to your presentation can see each others' changes happening keystroke-by-keystroke.

The result? No more endless streams of revisions sent by email. No waiting to see what others think of your ideas. No more working in silos. And best of all, everyone can contribute to the presentation, as it's created.

LiveLoop currently runs on PowerPoint 2007 and 2010, with versions for Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone in development. LiveLoop is free for up to 10 shared presentations, and you can download it here.



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