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LiveLoop Pro LiveLoop
Seamless Real-time Collaboration
Supports PowerPoint 2007 and 2010
Number of Shared Presentations UNLIMITED 10

Now downloading... one more step!

Click "Run" at the download prompt.

To restart the download, click here.

1. Allow LiveLoop to download

Your Web browser will show a message at the bottom of your screen, or a dialog box, asking you to "Run" or "Save" the installer. Choose "Run," sometimes found in "Other Options."

2. Start the LiveLoop Installer

If you chose to "Save" the installer, you will need to double-click the installer file. This is usually found in your Downloads folder, or your Desktop, depending on where you saved it.

3. Allow User Account Control

Windows will ask you if you want to allow LiveLoop to install. Click "Yes" to start the LiveLoop installation process.

While you download, watch a 2-minute demo video of LiveLoop: