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Technical Support

Click here to view a 10-minute LiveLoop tutorial video.

Downloading LiveLoop

Because LiveLoop is a PowerPoint plugin, you must first download it here and install it to use. Because some Web browsers partially block the downloading of executable files, you may need to specifically permit the installer to download.

In Internet Explorer, downloads will appear in a bar on the top or bottom of the screen, while other browsers will offer a dialog box asking you to "Run" or "Save" the installer. Choose "Run" when possible -- if you do choose "Save," make sure you note which folder you are saving the installer into.

The installer should take only a few minutes or less to download. Once it's complete, find it in your Downloads folder (or other folder where you saved it) and double-click it to start the installation process.

LiveLoop installs only on Windows operating systems, and requires PowerPoint 2007 or PowerPoint 2010 as a prerequisite.

Installing LiveLoop

As mentioned in the "Downloading LiveLoop" section above, once the installer finishes downloading, you must double-click it to start the installation process

Because LiveLoop is relatively new software, launched in 2012, some security software packages offer additional dialog boxes when installing LiveLoop. Click "Allow" to permit LiveLoop to install.

LiveLoop requires the latest version of two free Microsoft packages, the Microsoft .NET Framework and the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. If you do not have the latest Microsoft updates, our installer will prompt you to update these directly from Microsoft. These installers will launch their own processes and will require you to click "Yes" to permit installation, and may take a few minutes each.

When the installation is complete, click "Finish" and PowerPoint will launch, asking you to register an account with LiveLoop.

Getting Started with LiveLoop

Click here to view a 10-minute LiveLoop tutorial video.

Account Configuration

Once your LiveLoop installation is complete, PowerPoint will start and ask you to register for a LiveLoop account. We recommend using your work email address for your LiveLoop account, as this will appear when you invite your colleagues to collaborate.

After registering for an account, you can start using LiveLoop one of two ways:

  • Choose an existing PowerPoint presentation from your computer, and upload it to LiveLoop
  • Start working on a new presentation and upload it to LiveLoop directly
  • Drag any PowerPoint presentation into the LiveLoop Task Pane on the right-hand-side of your PowerPoint window

Sharing Presentations

Sharing is central to LiveLoop -- sharing is the mechanism by which collaborators can work on a presentation together. When you share a presentation with another LiveLoop user, they will be able to collaboratively edit the document with you.

To share a presentation, click "Upload to LiveLoop" (if you haven't already) and then click "Invite New Collaborators." You will be presented with a dialog box where you can enter your collaborators by email, with a custom message to send to them.

Once you click "Send Invitations," these collaborators will receive email messages with


If you are still having trouble using LiveLoop, please contact us at We will respond to your question within 24 hours.

Please note that if you are having trouble connecting to the LiveLoop server (your status bar shows "Offline" at all times), and you are certain that your Internet connection is functioning, your company's internal network may be blocking access to LiveLoop's servers. To test if this is the case, please try LiveLoop from your home Internet connection.

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