LiveLoop will be shutting down permanently on April 24th, 2015. New user registration and presentation upload have been disabled.

Existing LiveLoop users: if you have any data you would like to retrieve from LiveLoop, please do so before April 24th. On April 24th, all presentations and user data will be permanently deleted.

PowerPoint Anywhere!

Share presentations and run online meetings without installing software.

LiveLoop is the easiest way to share PowerPoint presentations. LiveLoop converts presentations into Web URLs that can be viewed from any computer or phone *without* installing any software. Don't bother with GoToMeeting or -- a single click will get everyone sychronized to the same slide. Start working smarter with LiveLoop.


LiveLoop turns any PowerPoint presentation (or PDF) into a link accessible from any web browser or smartphone. Update the file at any time, and everyone's view is updated immediately. Never email a 30 megabyte presentation again.

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With LiveLoop, online meetings are a click away - you can start presenting at any time, and everyone's presentation will be synchronized to the presenter's slide. You can view and present from any device, including a smartphone - so whether you're an attendee or a presenter, you can take your next meeting from the beach.

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It's 2014, and we have drones delivering packages and cars driving themselves. So why is it so hard to just share a PowerPoint presentation with a few colleagues? Why do you have to send endless emails back and forth, and then install a separate program like WebEx or GoToMeeting just to walk through five slides with five people?

LiveLoop is a single, easy-to-use web application for sharing presentations, running online meetings, and collecting feedback and comments. The presentation you see above is a LiveLoop presentation -- it's converted from an ordinary PowerPoint file, and is viewable on any Web browser or even any smartphone.

With LiveLoop, you can send out a link to your colleagues before a meeting, click "Start Presenting" to take control of the document and synchronize everyone to the same slide, and collect feedback and comments at any time. If you make changes to the presentation, everyone will get the new version immediately, without even having to refresh their Web browser.

The result? No more bloated email attachments, no more webinar software, and no more unnecessary smartphone apps. Shared PowerPoint presentations, made simple. Try LiveLoop today at no cost.